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February 1, 2017
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Vicky Gray and Mike Jacobs visit Muskoka Sports & Recreation for Snowmobile.com
February 26, 2017
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Fresh Powder for All – Muskokas Perfect Sled Vacation

Photo by Martin Lortz. Snowmobiling with Jessica Kline and What a Ride

Fresh Powder for All – Muskokas Perfect Sled Vacation

By Jessica Kline.

To buy a sled or to not by a sled? That was my big question at the beginning of this upcoming winter season, and it sure was a difficult one! Of course I had all the intentions in the world to get out riding as often as I could on Ontario’s snowmobile trails, but we all know that is sometimes a bit easier said than done. Coming from Southern Ontario, it takes me a bit longer to drive up North and so I have to take more time off from my busy schedule to enjoy the sport that I love. Don’t get me wrong though – I’m more than happy to do that, but it just means I can’t go as often as some folks who live minutes from the trail.

Staying at the JW Marriott Muskoka made my mini-vacation easy and stress free So I made the difficult decision not to buy a snowmobile, and instead decided that I would do things a bit differently this year. This meant that I needed to get creative in how I would get my adrenaline fix since I didn’t have a snowmobile to scratch that itch. For me, the option of renting or borrowing a snowmobile made a lot of sense since it gave me flexibility, along with the ability to test out different sleds, fine tune my riding skills, and save a bit of money at the same time! Just as I had hoped, I found myself headed to Minett, Ontario, located in Muskoka, for a two-day snowmobile trip.

Photo by Martin Lortz. Break from sledding with a campfire cookout.

The JW Marriot The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa, nestled on a hilltop overlooking Rosseau Lake, was my destination and only one word could describe this place – perfect. This resort made travelling up north easy and stress free. From the moment I pulled up to the majestic front doors, I felt comfortable and at-ease. A smouldering fire pit and a few snowmobiles parked out front of the resort greeted me, and once inside, the Muskoka-inspired décor took my breath away. The pottery, paintings and sculptures were all purchased from local artists and added to the homey, yet sophisticated atmosphere of the resort.

For those of you who are looking for a nice variety of activities to enjoy, this resort is a great option. While I was there primarily to snowmobile, I snuck in a bit of snowshoeing, learned some wilderness skills and also how to make the bannock over the campfire. Read More


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