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Top Five Reasons to Hit The Snowtrails Mid-Week

Dan & Claude and Crew @ The Red Canoe

Top Five Reasons to Hit The Snowtrails Mid-Week

In my seven years riding in the Muskoka Region, I have had some of the best experiences that life has granted, on a snowmobile. And in this business, whether your leading a tour or following a group, we’re all looking for the same thing: an excellent riding experience.

There’s a lot that goes into a great ride, but when people ask me when they should come up riding in the area, I almost always say the same thing: “If you can, come up midweek, preferably Monday or Tuesday”

Most of us have commitments that keep us at home or work and off the trails during the week, but isn’t it time we all gave ourselves a collective break and made time for the things in life that really matter? If you need any more convincing, read on.

‎1. Mid-Week Trail Conditions

Snowmobilers spend their whole winter looking for the perfect trail. But so few of them are out when the majority of trails are in the best shape: at the beginning of the week. This is because the groomers usually head out on Sunday after a weekend of heavy shredding has left the trails in dire need of some reconditioning. If you have the added bonus of cool Sunday night temperatures, you’ll have the best trail conditions after the weekend period.

There is nothing more satisfying than to be the first sled to carve out your tracks on a tabletop trail on a Monday morning. Its the sweet spot that puts a smile on every sledder’s face and it’s a secret that those in the know are not keen to share. If those are the trails you’re after, midweek is the best chance of getting them.

2. Traffic is Quieter Mid-Week

You’ll see the majority of sledders heading up Highway 400 on the weekends with trailers in tow and gassing up jerry cans on Friday night at the local stations. More snowmobiling happens on the weekends. Its when most of us have time to do it. This also means the trails are going to be their fullest on the weekends.

If you carve out the time to snowmobile midweek, you can be assured of endless km’s of low snowmobile traffic, with mostly veterans, pros and smart sledders going out . This means no waiting in line at the gas stations, quick service at the diners and most importantly the trail is all yours.

3. ‎Availability of Rental Sleds and Tour Guides

If you rent your snowmobiles or take guided tours, this will happen to you at some point. You call up a rental company two weeks in advance for a trip you’ve booked on a Saturday, only to discover there are no snowmobiles available Saturday or the tour you wanted to book is only available at the same time as your dog sledding or hockey game. This happens because most people want to snowmobile on Saturday and Sunday and people book far in advance for these days.

The reality is mid-week is not as in demand as a Saturday or Sunday, so if you book your snowmobile mid-week you’re far more likely to get a last minute hotel deal, great sled package, and plenty of availability on sleds. Hotels and outfitters want to give customers incentives to come mid-week. Which brings us to number 4 on our list!

4. Its downright cheaper!

Booking your snowmobile rental or tour mid-week means you can save money. And in some cases quite a bit. This can fund other activities on your vacation, or if you’re like me, it’ll go towards more snowmobiling.

In many cases rental companies around the province are 15-30% less expensive mid-week than their weekend daily rates. If you add that up it can mean a savings of between $50-$100 say. Not a little scratch. In other words every two days you rent, you could get one day free. Snowmobiling midweek can translate into more snowmobiling! At Muskoka Sports and Recreation, we make each additional rental day 30% off and this season we’re offering an exclusive tour deal: Reserve a half day tour Monday through Thursday when your staying at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka and you get your second sled free. That’s right that’s almost half price…click for more details.

5. You Need A Real Break

Getting out on the weekend is great, but for a real decompress, a real return to the pure essentials of just you and the sled and the trail, the weekend crush just doesn’t cut it. Ramming the car full of gear, fighting your way up the highway, and then not being able to fully enjoy the restorative feelings of being away from everything for longer than a day…there’s nothing that beats the mid-week.

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